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ASM Super-Zip Reversible Spray Tips & Tip Guards

Super-Zip TipsTried-and-True Tips for Standard, Striping and Fine-Finishing Applications

ASM’s Super-Zip spray tips are durable, reliable and easy to use. They have been used for many years to produce a consistent spray pattern with a variety of materials. For help selecting the right tip see our Super-Zip Selection Guide

Super-Zip Standard Tips

Super-Zip Standard Tips

  • Liquid-honed and double-tested to ensure an accurate spray pattern
  • Patented diffusion chamber for superior atomization
  • Color-coded tip handles for easy selection
  • Reversible to quickly clear tip clogs


Super-Zip Striping Tips

Standard features, plus:

  • Manufactured specifically to provide crisp, clean edges
  • Available in all common striping tip sizes


Super-Zip Fine Finish Tips

Super-Zip Fine-Finish Tips

Standard features, plus:

  • Provide the finest atomization and a high-quality finish
  • Double orifice gives greater break-up of fine-finish materials
  • Up to 85% transfer efficiency


Super-Zip Fine Finish Tips

Super-Zip Hand-tight Base/Guard

  • Hand-tight base – no tools required!
  • Patented Cartridge Seal is compatible with all materials, will last through multiple tips and is spring-loaded for easy tip insertion and removal
  • Patented safety tab design locks for safe tip reversing when unclogging tip
  • Available to fit all makes of guns

5901-F: Fits "F" thread size - 11/16" (17 mm)
5901-G: Fits "G" thread size - 7/8" (22 mm)

Super-Zip Fine Finish Tips

Super-Zip Hand-tight Cartridge Seal

  • Quick replacement without tools
  • No loose gaskets